Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Back to just THIS side of.... CRAZY

Finally found my way back........ to CRAZY (lol)

So, oh my and holy cow! I haven't posted for well, literally years! I went to a non digital version of life for a while and after some drama here and there ("here drama, there drama everywhere drama drama -- ole McDOnald... um wait-  wrong topic LMAO!) I finally found my way back to some of the things I love to do more than anything else... like talk, write and craft (watch out world you are now being exposed to my lunacy in TRIPLICATE).

Don't you feel lucky?!?! HAHA  in any case if you aren't frightened by my crazy, nuttiness yet you might hang out with me for a bit cause I think I might make regular visits. After all I figure if I have to live "Just this side of crazy" why not share the experience? LOL  look at it this way... you can be totally sane and still enjoy my fantastic level of genius insanity (and you get to remain "safe")

So pop in and out as you wish and if you get a chance you might read my previous posts (lucky you- there aren't many)   that way you at least have a heads up into the strange workings of my brain - and it gives you a chance to get away before I draw you further in!  HAHAHAHAHAHA

WOW I seriously add side note to myself ALOT!  lol


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