Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sorry but....

I never duplicate posts on my two separate blogs but I have become rather frustrated as of late when I read about the recent devastation in the Midwest and other areas and it seems people constantly take the time to direct focus away from where it should be- on those in need. EVERY single video, post, news article etc seems to end with comments from readers debating religious and political topics, ranting and showing hatred and bigotry of all kinds instead of expressing concern or compassion for the people that are the true topics of the article (video, news story etc) So in my frustration my most recent post on my other blog is being duplicated here- my apologies to those that have fanned both and see the duplication- I couldn't help it.

"I know it's been awhile, things have been rather crazy around here lately.. but I wanted to take a moment to send out thoughts of comfort and caring to those directly affected by the recent bought of horrible tornadoes and storms. The areas that have been flooded and that are still being flooded throughout the Midwest AND to the Joplin community and surrounding areas.
     I have seen many posts with different takes on "why" this happened and who or what to blame or thank and I just wanted to say that I think it is important that we focus on the PEOPLE and FAMILIES that have been affected and forget the politically correct and incorrect. In my opinion this is not really the time or place to argue, sermonize or criticize.. those people need our help and kindness and whatever else we can give; they have all suffered devastating losses and terror beyond belief. Let's show some compassion and save the debates for later."

Monday, April 18, 2011

I know, I Know........

I promised to finish the "just because" story, and I will but not for a bit because, well I just haven't felt like it.
 Lol,  Don't ask..............

Anyway, I have found that I am clearly lacking motivation-- I think I might be a procrastinator
  I'll let you know later.

Okay, I have a million things I should be doing (who doesn't ?) but lately I just can't seem to stick with any one thing; I want to be creative and make this or that, I want to list more things in my store, I want to win a million dollars, I want- er wait... I REALLY want to win a million dollars! :P 
(I might buy a ticket- next week)

Moving on to nothing in particular...........
I have realized that I am a proverbial genius when it comes to creative ideas, and IF I stick to it I'm not too bad at creating whatever thing I was a genius in thinking up 
(that IF word is so important to my life as I know it)

So lately, when my genius self comes up with an idea i think about how to do it and then...... I think about it some more and then.... I sit there..........

Maybe I should drink a Red Bull... I need wings
Hmmmm , maybe tomorrow.....

Monday, March 28, 2011

Just because ....

So I use the same profile pic for most of the sites I belong to... yes that one over there with the crazy lookin' people all grinnin' and that nutty broad (yep it's me) holding onto a parachute. Everyone I know in real time asks me why I always use that pic; easy- 
Just because....
Actually, it's "just because" I am petrified of heights, terrified of flying and don't even get me started on small spaces! That photo reminds me that despite the possible "wet my pants" terror I feel about all of those things, I somehow managed to sky dive solo- and on my very first try thank you very much :P

Now all of you psych 101s don't get too excited- I'm still petrified of heights, terrified of flying and small spaces?forget it! BUT I can say I did it. I actually want to do it again but then I start thinking about that moment I had to climb out of the plane and hang onto the wing before I let go....
"What? You mean you didn't just jump?!?!"  you say...
 uh NO

So there's 5 hours of classroom and on the ground training for
 first timers.
This incorporates videos and hands on with a setup in the hangar.
Seriously, they had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they said
"why of course we will teach you"

~Silly wabbit- tricks are for kids~

So we had , um 6 hours of training during which I excelled at being the crazy chick that I am.
Poor guys didn't know whether to laugh their arses off at my antics and purely big mouth
OR smack me silly and fail me straight out of the class.
SUCKERS-  they passed me 
(must be my charming personality HAH!)

In any case, I put the chute suit on and am rippin' and roarin' to go 
I begin to approach the very small plane....


so.. I climb into the plane (lol yep I AM an idiot)
Meanwhile my husband, who so thoughtfully came along for support (and to laugh at me) watches expectantly to see me get back out of the plane (which I didn't HAH!)

It took all of 5 seconds of the plane going down the runway before I started chanting "I changed my mind, I changed my mind...." really- there's no seat, I'm on the floor, there's a couple of instructors sitting behind me, I'm virtually AGAINST the door and the pilot is in the only seat; which rocks to and fro as the plane moves- yeah I am so not ready to do this! Small spaces+plane= me not good and what did I say I was going to do? Jump out of a plane?!?!

Moving on... after the instructor says "are you kidding me?!?!"   I say "yes, no, yes, no" and then finally "just go" because frankly ALL of the voices in my head are telling me I am one crazy *&^%$ and they do NOT want to go- 
so I rebelled.

"Check out the rest of the nutty story next time- cause my fingers hurt and I think I'm long winded lol!"