Monday, March 28, 2011

Just because ....

So I use the same profile pic for most of the sites I belong to... yes that one over there with the crazy lookin' people all grinnin' and that nutty broad (yep it's me) holding onto a parachute. Everyone I know in real time asks me why I always use that pic; easy- 
Just because....
Actually, it's "just because" I am petrified of heights, terrified of flying and don't even get me started on small spaces! That photo reminds me that despite the possible "wet my pants" terror I feel about all of those things, I somehow managed to sky dive solo- and on my very first try thank you very much :P

Now all of you psych 101s don't get too excited- I'm still petrified of heights, terrified of flying and small spaces?forget it! BUT I can say I did it. I actually want to do it again but then I start thinking about that moment I had to climb out of the plane and hang onto the wing before I let go....
"What? You mean you didn't just jump?!?!"  you say...
 uh NO

So there's 5 hours of classroom and on the ground training for
 first timers.
This incorporates videos and hands on with a setup in the hangar.
Seriously, they had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they said
"why of course we will teach you"

~Silly wabbit- tricks are for kids~

So we had , um 6 hours of training during which I excelled at being the crazy chick that I am.
Poor guys didn't know whether to laugh their arses off at my antics and purely big mouth
OR smack me silly and fail me straight out of the class.
SUCKERS-  they passed me 
(must be my charming personality HAH!)

In any case, I put the chute suit on and am rippin' and roarin' to go 
I begin to approach the very small plane....


so.. I climb into the plane (lol yep I AM an idiot)
Meanwhile my husband, who so thoughtfully came along for support (and to laugh at me) watches expectantly to see me get back out of the plane (which I didn't HAH!)

It took all of 5 seconds of the plane going down the runway before I started chanting "I changed my mind, I changed my mind...." really- there's no seat, I'm on the floor, there's a couple of instructors sitting behind me, I'm virtually AGAINST the door and the pilot is in the only seat; which rocks to and fro as the plane moves- yeah I am so not ready to do this! Small spaces+plane= me not good and what did I say I was going to do? Jump out of a plane?!?!

Moving on... after the instructor says "are you kidding me?!?!"   I say "yes, no, yes, no" and then finally "just go" because frankly ALL of the voices in my head are telling me I am one crazy *&^%$ and they do NOT want to go- 
so I rebelled.

"Check out the rest of the nutty story next time- cause my fingers hurt and I think I'm long winded lol!"

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